Bionaire Ultrasonic BUL7933CT Filter-Free Tower Humidifier Review

One thing about the Bionaire BUL7933CT Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier that makes it different compared to the other humidifiers is that the design of it is very attractive. It can help you with saving save and you can easily put it in the corner and it work just fine. There are also some good features that comes with this humidifier. You will find that it is available for around $84 online.


As mentioned above, one of the great features with this is that the design is just attractive. You will be amazed as to how good it looks in your home and therefore, you can easily put it in any room in the house because of the design that it has.

The displays on this bionaire ultrasonic humidifier tower happens to be an advanced LCD display setting. The room and the set both have lcd displays. Users will be able to read the display easily because of the display on the Bionaire BUL7933CT Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier.

You don’t have to worry about tripping over it at night because it also comes with a night light. This will help users be able to see it at night and another reason as to why they can put it in any room. A clock also comes with it.

The mist with the Bionaire BUL7933CT Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier is ultra fine. Users will be looking at it and hardly notice the mist due to the fact of it being so fine. The mist can flow in any direction that the users want it to flow because the nozzle on it rotates.

It holds up to around 1.5 gallons of water. Ideally, the humidity rate for it in a bedroom is around 45%.

The Bionaire BUL7933CT Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier is also ultra quiet in any room. This is because of it coming with the latest technology.


Some users have complained that the Bionaire BUL7933CT Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier is not very reliable. Sometimes it might work but then other times it stops. Other users have not had any problems and have greatly enjoyed their humidifier and they have noticed that it does make a difference.


Users that might be looking for a bionaire ultrasonic humidifier that is attractive and affordable, might want to consider getting this one. Between the design of the tower and the features that it has, this is a great deal.


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